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05 High Precision Cleaver


· Product Profile
arrow_03  High Precision Cleaver is a perfect tool for high precision fiber cutting.
arrow_03  It is compact and light, making it ideal for both the 250*im fiber and the 900*im coated fiber
arrow_03  It is also suitable and easily adaptable for ribbon fiber cleaving (2-12 counts). selection .

arrow_03  The blade provides over 48,000 cleaves by easy and simple blade position

· Features
arrow_03  Smart design of pressure pads to prevent the fiber from being damaged by return of the blade carriage
arrow_03  Each point of the blade can be used over 3000 times and each blade has the 16 cutting points, providing over 48,000 cleaves.
arrow_03  Made of Magnesium alloy materials with high strength and stability. Compact size and light weight.

· Specifications

 Fiber Type Single core or for 2-12 ribbon fibers
 Cladding Diameter 125um
 Coating Diameter Single fiber250um/900um, Ribbon fiber (0.3-0.4mm)
 Cleave Length Single fiber: fixed length 10mm and 16mm, 3-20mm adjustable/variable
  Ribbon fiber: fixed 10mm
 Cleave Angle 0.5°
 Size56W×55D ×48H (mm)
 Life of Blade 48,000 fiber cleaves

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